We’ve written before about Better Call Saul and its legal ethics lessons.  Now, as we all WFH (work from home, that is), here comes a light-hearted series featuring Rhea Seehorn’s character, Kim Wexler, discussing various legal ethics issues.  You can watch the first installment on YouTube here.  It’s a fun five minutes on marketing, and will definitely make you smile whether or not you are a fan of the Emmy Award-winning show (as I am).

Kim’s take on Model Rule 7.1 (“Communications Concerning a Lawyer’s Services”) and Model Rule 7.3 (“Solicitation of Clients”) is timely because we all need to market harder these days.  Lawyers are pushing out an unprecedented amount of free content to clients and prospective clients in the form of alerts and blog posts on fast-breaking pandemic developments.  And it doesn’t take much tea-leaf reading to see that there may be very hard times ahead for many sectors of the legal industry, making our marketing efforts that much more important.

But marketing harder doesn’t mean marketing improperly.  As Kim Wexler points out, you want to be a “GOOD lawyer.”

Hat tip to Prof. Alberto Bernabe’s Professional Responsibility Blog for pointing me to this neat resource.  I’ll be working it into the legal ethics course I teach as an adjunct law prof.  Remote learning, anyone?

Keep healthy, safe (and ethical) during this crazy time.