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What if? Ohio board issues succession-planning guide for lawyers

Posted in Competence, Law Practice Management
What if you suddenly became disabled and couldn’t handle your law practice?  Or, if you were to die, who would deal with your pending matters?  Who has the password for your computer?  Who knows where you bank?  The Ohio Board of Professional Conduct last week published an ethics guide titled “Succession Planning” that addresses these issues, and it’s worthwhile reading if… Continue Reading

Don’t help your client hide assets: clear case leads to lawyer’s disbarment

Posted in How Not to Practice
The prohibition against aiding clients in carrying out crimes and frauds has been in the news lately, in connection with the quandary that lawyers find themselves in when attempting to help clients in the marijuana industry -- whose conduct may be legal under state law, while remaining illegal under federal law. (We've blogged about it previously, here and here. ) In this environment, it is useful to consider just what constitutes assisting a client's crime or fraud, as the Ohio Supreme Court did last week in disbarring a lawyer who helped a divorce client hide assets from her spouse.… Continue Reading