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What if? Ohio board issues succession-planning guide for lawyers

Posted in Competence, Law Practice Management
What if you suddenly became disabled and couldn’t handle your law practice?  Or, if you were to die, who would deal with your pending matters?  Who has the password for your computer?  Who knows where you bank?  The Ohio Board of Professional Conduct last week published an ethics guide titled “Succession Planning” that addresses these issues, and it’s worthwhile reading if… Continue Reading

Cautionary tales, ethical woe: don’t let these happen to you

Posted in How Not to Practice
There should be a word that's the opposite of "schadenfreude" -- you know, that evocative German term that means "secret pleasure at another's misfortune." Maybe there is such a word, but the one I'm searching for would convey the sense of "Please, let me not fall into the same error" as some other person did, because under the right (or wrong) circumstances we can all make ethical mistakes. Here are three cautionary tales. You may read them and wonder how the lawyers involved came to such grief -- or you may just be thankful that it wasn't you, or that the demons these lawyers struggled with aren't yours.… Continue Reading

Being a technology “dinosaur” leads to license surrender in the Great North

Posted in How Not to Practice, Law Practice Management
Technophobia isn't confined to U.S. lawyers -- no surprise, it affects Canadian members of the bar, too, with the same potentially disastrous results. Last month's cautionary tale: a lawyer who was technologically illiterate failed to supervise his wife, who ran his office and used his bar credentials to misappropriate more than $3000,000 without his knowledge. Canadian disciplinary authorities permitted him to surrender his license voluntarily, instead of revoking it.… Continue Reading

Pokémon Go — another reminder about the duty of competence for lawyers

Posted in Competence, Social Media and Internet
Since it debuted in the U.S. a couple weeks ago, Pokémon Go has become a nationwide phenomenon. If you're like I was, you may need a primer in order to understand what the hoopla is about. The game was launched by Nintendo and The Pokémon Company for smartphones. It features the longtime videogame franchise that involves capturing and "training" phantasmagorical creatures called Pokémon. And yes, there's an ethics issue for you to think about.… Continue Reading