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Opinion that OH lawyers can’t aid medical marijuana businesses leads to possible rule change

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The smoke might eventually clear for Ohio lawyers who hope to help clients engage in the medical marijuana industry after it becomes legal in the state on September 8. On August 17, the state supreme court said that it had "directed its staff to prepare a draft amendment to the Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct that would clarify the services attorneys can offer clients seeking to comply with the state’s new medical marijuana law." The announcement follows the ruling 12 days earlier by the Board of Professional Conduct that Ohio lawyers can't provide any legal services to help clients in connection with a medical marijuana enterprise. … Continue Reading

Another bar association weighs in on legal ethics of advising clients on marijuana

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Last year, we discussed the pitfalls of trying to cash in on the marijuana bandwagon. We discussed both the seemingly inevitable grassroots movement toward legalization, but also the fact that the bars of several states had come to contradictory conclusions on attorneys’ ability to assist clients in grass-related business ventures, given that growing, possessing and… Continue Reading

Pot prescription does not make lawyer’s own use ethical, says North Dakota

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We posted here  in July about the legal ethics aspects of representing clients involved in the marijuana industry. Now comes an ethics ruling from North Dakota about a lawyer’s own use of medical marijuana.  The lawyer, living in North Dakota and licensed there, has a medical condition that qualifies the lawyer for medical marijuana treatment under… Continue Reading

Representing clients in the marijuana industry: greener grass?

Posted in Law Practice Management, Marijuana
The era of marijuana’s underground economy might be coming to an end.  More than 20 states and the District of Columbia have legalized growing, processing, transporting, selling and/or using marijuana for medical purposes.  Two states, Colorado and Washington, have also legalized recreational and personal use.  The Department of Justice has made noises about backing off on prosecuting certain marijuana crimes.  … Continue Reading