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No privilege for communications by risk manager who was also a lawyer

Posted in In-house Counsel, Insurance, Privilege
Corporate organization charts increasingly include slots for departments with names like  “risk management,” “claims handling,” and the like.  When lawyers head or staff such departments, does the attorney-client privilege cover their communications with company management?  Not necessarily, says a new opinion from the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, Casey v. Unitek Global Services, Inc. Sex discrimination allegations… Continue Reading

No insurance coverage for attorneys’ fees that were ordered as a “sanction”

Posted in Fees, Insurance
If you or your firm were ordered to pay a party’s legal fees as a “sanction” for professional misconduct, would your professional liability insurance cover that payment? In a recent case, the district court for the Northern District of Illinois left a law firm high and dry, holding that the policy exclusion for sanctions meant that… Continue Reading

Reminder: check for client’s insurance, or you may be liable for malpractice

Posted in Competence, Insurance, Malpractice
Failing to check whether the claim against your client might be covered by insurance can get you in hot water — or at least keep you there, preventing a speedy exit from a malpractice suit, as a Florida lawyer recently learned. In Pharma Supply, Inc. v. Stein (PACER access ID required), the client alleged it retained… Continue Reading