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Hiring student law clerks and avoiding disqualification — two states weigh in

Posted in Conflicts, Ethical screens
It's common for law students to clerk for a couple different firms during their law-school years. When a student law clerk you hire has worked for a firm representing a party adverse to your client, what happens? Is the student disqualified from working on your matter? Is your whole firm disqualified? Can you screen the clerk and solve the problem? Two recent ethics opinions out of Texas and Ohio clarify the rules. … Continue Reading

“Comprehensive” ethical screen fails to avoid disqualification from side-switching paralegal

Posted in Disqualification, Ethical screens
Small may be beautiful, but when it comes to law firms, small can signal disqualification troubles that a bigger firm might sometimes be able to avoid, according to the reasoning of a recent opinion. We’ve posted here before about screening non-lawyer personnel in order to avoid imputed disqualification when a secretary or paralegal arrives at your… Continue Reading