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Join ‘em if you can’t beat ‘em? NC considers ethics rule changes to aid Avvo-like services

Posted in Advertising and Solicitation, Fees, Law Practice Management
Avvo Legal Services has been meeting with North Carolina bar regulators, resulting in a draft proposal that would amend several legal ethics rules and make it easier for Avvo to operate in the Tar Heel State, according to Prof. Alberto Bernabe, a Chicago law professor who has seen some of the relevant documents, and blogged about them… Continue Reading

Virginia simplifies and modernizes lawyer advertising rules; who’s next?

Posted in Advertising and Solicitation
Based on a perceived need to “simplify and modernize” lawyer advertising rules, the Commonwealth of Virginia’s supreme court has adopted a new set of regulations that will make it easier for lawyers there to market their services.  The slimmed-down rule, effective July 1, will consist of a single provision that bars false or misleading communications, plus a… Continue Reading

LinkedIn “endorsement” upgrade shows need to monitor what others say about you online

Posted in Advertising and Solicitation, Law Practice Management, Social Media and Internet
LinkedIn last week announced a "rethinking" of its endorsement feature, first launched in 2012. Starting with its mobile app, the service says it has "improved targeting" so people looking at your profile will see the endorsements for you that are most relevant to them. Coming on the heels of this development, a new Ohio ethics opinion reminds us that we should be monitoring endorsements and other kinds of testimonials to ensure they are within ethical bounds.… Continue Reading

First Amendment protects Avvo advertising shakedown, district court holds

Posted in Advertising and Solicitation, Social Media and Internet
Avvo has a First Amendment right to use a lawyer's publically-available information to generate advertising revenue for itself, the district court for the Northern District of Illinois held on September 12. The ruling means that Avvo can park ads for your competitors on the profile it creates for you -- unless you pay Avvo to keep them off.… Continue Reading

Avvo misappropriated identity for commercial use, says lawyer in class action

Posted in Advertising and Solicitation, Social Media and Internet
Lawyer-rating site Avvo is violating a state statute barring unauthorized use of “an individual’s identity for commercial purposes,” an Illinois lawyer has charged in a putative class-action complaint filed last week in the chancery division of Cook County Circuit Court. Fee- based marketing plan The gist of the complaint is that without any authorization or participation from… Continue Reading

Buying pre-fab legal blog content — any ethics issues with that?

Posted in Advertising and Solicitation, How Not to Practice, Social Media and Internet
It’s pretty circular for a legal blogger to write a blog post about — blogging.  But bear with me:  there’s a legal ethics issue in here.  Thomson Reuters recently introduced a new product for busy lawyers who “do not have time to write articles,” but want to produce a blog.  (Hat tip to @kevinokeefe over… Continue Reading

Rule limiting lawyer claims of “expertise” is unconstitutional, says Florida district court

Posted in Advertising and Solicitation, Law Practice Management, Social Media and Internet
A Florida Bar rule blocking a personal injury law firm from stating that it specializes in mass-tort cases is unconstitutional as applied, a Florida federal district court recently held.  The court enjoined the Florida Bar from enforcing its Rule 4-7.14(a)(4), which prohibits statements “that a lawyer is … a specialist, an expert, or other variations of those terms,” unless the… Continue Reading

Blogs, texts, Facebook can raise marketing ethics issues for lawyers

Posted in Advertising and Solicitation, Social Media and Internet
What are the legal ethics rules for using social media to market your legal practice?  Judging from what’s out there, some lawyers view the social media space as the Wild West, where almost anything goes; and some lawyers are too worried about the possible snares to use social media at all to publicize or share… Continue Reading